Sunday, 28 February 2016

Irish Pilgrimage to Chartres

13 - 17 May 2016

The theme for the pilgrimage is: Come, Holy Spirit

Pilgrims joining the Irish Chapter make thier own way to and from Paris. The cost of the pilgrimage includes accomodation in Paris and Chartres, dinner in Paris and Chartes and the pilgrimage fee, paid to ND de Chretiente. Pilgrims are also encouraged to make a contribution towards the cost of clergy.


Itinerary for 2016

Friday 13 May

Pilgrims make their own way to Paris. (Information relating to travel, transport, and hotel will be emailed to pilgrims closer to the time of travel)

5:45pm - Pilgrims congregate at the Irish College, Paris 
6:00pm - Holy Mass, in the Irish College
7:00pm - Dinner at Le Comptoir de Panthéon

Saturday 14 May
Pilgrims meet in the hotel lobby and travel with all their luggage to Notre Dame Cathedral, a 5min walk from the hotel. At the Cathedral pilgrims will be given an identity bracelet and will put their baggage onto the transport trucks to be delivered to the campsite (pilgrims keep one small bag with them for the day's journey).

6:00am - Pilgrims depart Hotel
7:00am - Holy Mass in Notre Dame 
9:00am - Begin walking
8:00pm - Last pilgrims arrive in camp

Sunday 15 May
Following a night of camping, pilgrims place their baggage in the transport trucks and join chapter for the second day.

7:00am - Pilgrims leave campsite
Approx: 1:00pm - Pentecost Mass (outdoors)
8:00pm - Pilgrims arrive at the campsite
9:00pm - Benediction and Adoration at the campsite

Monday 16 May
This is the final day, and shortest, day of walking.

7:00am - Pilgrims leave campsite
11:00am - Lunch stop
15:00pm - Pilgrims begin to arrive in Chartres, Mass in the Cathedral

Following the end of the pilgrimage, Irish pilgrims collect their luggage and check-in at the hotel.

8:00pm - Dinner at Le Serpente

Tuesday 17 May

9:00am Holy Mass in the crypt of Notre Dame

The Irish Pilgrimage ends after this, although most pilgrims remain in Chartres for the afternoon and travel back to the airport by train for the last flight.

Patron Saints of the 2016 Pilgrimage:

St Catherine of Sienna - Saturday 

St Pius X - Pentecost Sunday

The 21 Martyrs of the Holy Name of Jesus - Whit Monday

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