Monday 15 April 2013

General Information on the Pilgrimage


Pilgrims walk 62 miles between the two cathedrals  in three days. This involves a
considerable effort, long hours of walking, and early mornings.  In addition, the pilgrims
camp for the two nights. Therefore, it is advised that only those physically able take part in
the pilgrimage.

Food during the pilgrimage:

Water is supplied throughout the walk. Bread is supplied at lunch time and at the campsite
in the evening. 
Soup is also available in the evening and breakfast (coffee, hot chocolate, bread)is supplied 
in the mornings.However, pilgrims should bring their own food with them to supplement 
the food provided. This should be organised in advance of the pilgrimage as there are very 
few opportunities to buy food. 

Medical assistance:

Permanent medical assistance is available from the doctors and hospitallers of the Order of 
Malta, who have an outdoor hospital at each campsite.Throughout the walk, shuttle buses 
provide transport for pilgrims who can no longer walk or, in case of emergency, to take
them to hospital.

Luggage arrangements:

At the start of the pilgrimage, pilgrims place their heavy luggage onto a lorry, it is then 
transported to the campsite. Pilgrims only keep a small bag with them, containing their 
food for the day and other essentials.
The Irish Chapter normally place their bags on the truck marked 'etrangers' however this
may changeand pilgrims are advised to ask the Chapter leader before leaving their luggage.
All bags should have the name, address, and chapter of the pilgrim clearly marked. 

The campsite:

The campsite is equipped with wash-basins (cold running water only), toilets, electricity
supply, and collective tents. The tents are single sex and pilgrims are kindly asked to respect
this. There are also allocated areas where pilgrims can pitch their own tents.
On arrival at the campsite, pilgrims collect their luggage and make their way to the collective
tents to set up for the night. 

What to bring:

Good footwear is essential. Whether you choose walking boots or walking shoes it is 
essential that they are broken in before the pilgrimage.

  • Please make sure that your health insurance covers you for medical emergency in France,
  • Bring your E111 and Passport
  • Bring enough money to cover travel from Airport to Paris and back. Also from Chartres to Paris, lunch in Chartres on Tuesday and for donations in Mass during pilgrimage.

Below is a list of recommended items supplied by the organisers of the pilgrimage: 

A small backpack, which the pilgrim carries for the duration, containing: 
  • Food: lunch for the day and energy-giving snacks 
  • Waterproof raingear (heavy rain possible!)
  • pullover
  • water bottle (water supplied) and knife/fork/spoon
  • cup for tea/coffee/soup
  • hat, to protect against the sun
  • Pilgrim’s Booklet (supplied)
  • Small plastic bag/cover for Pilgrim’s Booklet
  • plasters and general simple medication 
  • rosary beads 
 A larger bag, which will be taken in the special pilgrimage lorries and which is
retrieved each evening, containing :
- food reserves (for remaining meals)
- torch
- warm jumper/garment (cold early mornings)
- change of clothing (shirts, trousers, vests, socks, etc.)
- light shoes for the evening (good boots recommended for the walk)
- toiletries
- night-clothes
- warm sleeping bag
- personal tent  or Groundsheet and mat (for collective tents)
 (It is essential that all items are wrapped securely in plastic bags to keep them dry)

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